December 29, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

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New Year’s Resolutions. A controversial topic. Loved by some, dismissed by others. I agree, January the 1st is as much of a day as 31st December. But the end of one calendar year and the start of another gives me the opportunity to personally reflect on what has worked, what hasn’t worked and what I want to change. The idea of a new canvas ready for painting from 01/01/18 to add to the other 24 already on the wall is an exciting prospect for me. So I wanted to share a few of my 2018 resolutions with you.

Be Present 

If I’m having lunch with someone, I am going having lunch with someone, not texting other people during that lunch. Being present in the room and giving undivided attention to that person in that moment. If I’m at the gym I’m going to make each minute of that session count and not spend 5 minutes between sets scrolling through Instagram. More time needs to be spent lifting rather than double-tapping. When I’m meeting new people I am going to be more confident with my presence and enjoy meeting new people and enjoy those new conversations.

Time Off 

I’m fully self-employed and have been for 6 years now. When I stop so does any money coming in – holidays and sickness included. That’s been enough to light a fire under my a** to motivate me each day, no one is paying for Ollie if he fancies a holiday! It can be a really tricky way to live because you are your own boss – I need to be better at giving myself at least one day a week off. A day that can be dedicated to seeing family and friends or just doing normal things. Also trusting in my current clientele more means that work will crop up – I need to stop stressing out about the future. It will come soon enough!

Sleep More 

Purely because I’m just a much better human when I have had more than 4 hours sleep. I need to have an hour before bed with no phone and an hour when I wake up without going on my phone. Time to wind down to help me get off to sleep. This one is going to be tricky because I like to be productive and you can’t get much s**t done when you are unconscious. But better sleep will mean better results the next day.

Launch YouTube 

The time has come. 2018 is going to be the year that ByOllieB goes onto YouTube. It’s going to be a few weeks later than I wanted BUT… I need my content to be interesting, relevant and niche enough for you all to enjoy it. I don’t want to upload for the sake of it. I am spending time now thinking about what direction I’m going to take my YouTube channel down to make sure I bring you guys the best I can in 2018.

Focus On Creating Not Numbers 

We all need to make a living, and ‘value’ within this native advertising world is dictated highly by numbers – how many people are going to see your creation etc? I have recently started to worry myself that I am not a ‘big enough’ blogger. Ultimately – there is always going to be someone bigger than me. While size matters (steady…) the content has to be the focus and most important thing. I’m going to spend more time planning, developing and creating. The better the content, the more it will be shared, enjoyed, and engaged with. Perhaps the whole number stress will just take care of itself in the background? Also, I started this whole adventure because I love telling a story through stills and moving imagery. Time to rekindle that and regain my focus.

Hopefully some of these will inspire you ahead of that fast approaching New Year.

Good Luck For 2018!

Ollie xx


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