February 15, 2018

With over 800,000,000 monthly users, of which 100,000,000 call themselves a ‘blogger’ in some format. How do you stand out from all of them? Below are my top 6 tips to point you in the right direction. 

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1. Stop! What is your account about? 

One of the biggest problems that will stop people following you… Not having a theme or message.

We are all human, so we want to flirt with every little idea we have. But think of your page this way: If I landed on it right now, I liked what I saw and then I followed you – I would then expect to see more of the same type of content that I signed up for when I pressed that ‘Follow’ button. You will lose followers if you are not consistent. So stop. Think about what you want to put out there, and what you are realistically able to put out there.

2. Get Involved In Your Niche.

So you know what you want to publish? Now go out and follow those that are already doing what you do. It’s been rumored that if you ONLY follow people in your niche you are grouped with them within Instagram’s algorithm and will then often be featured as a suggested user on their pages, as IG will group you with those users. This is something I need to do myself – my page started as a personal account and over the past year has developed into the ByOllieB brand, so I don’t want to offend everyone I know in one big unfollow cull haha.

You can follow Hashtags too – so follow a few that are relevant to your page. For example, I follow: #mensfashionpost, #fashionbyollieb and #canon as these are all relevant to my account. This will allow you to see users work within your niche so you can engage with and meet new people. The more you engage within your niche, the more visible you will become. Perhaps I should say niche one more time?.. NICHE.

3. Tell Stories.

Gary Vee’s all-time message is ‘document over create’. However, with Instagram being a visual platform why don’t you try documenting by creating. What I mean by that is; think about your image before you take it. Plan your location, think about a color scheme and buy a few props to help tell that story. Before you know it you have documented by creating.

Use Instagram stories! One of the most powerful tools right at your fingertips. I often watch how people use Instagram and 9/10 times people watch their stories before scrolling through their feeds. The more you post, the more people engage, the higher in that famous algorithm you will become and more people will begin to see your work.

***Top Tip – use popular hashtags in your stories because hashtags have their own stories too – e.g you could watch the ‘#blogger’ story which are images uploaded by users tagging ‘#blogger’ in their stories***

instagram tips, top ig tips, best way to gain followers, how to get followers, instagram top tips 2018, how to improve my instagram, instagram algorithm changes, how to become a blogger, how to be an influencer, byollieb, ollie b London fashion and lifestyle blogger,

4. Stay Away From Vanity Metrics

I’ll be honest – I have only started doing this a week ago. STOP FOCUSING ON HOW MANY FOLLOWERS YOU HAVE.

Of course, an influencer with 100,000 followers will get paid more for a campaign than 1,000 but that is not why I am saying this.

If you have a genuine following of engaged users, Instagram will help push your content to be seen by a wider audience. The more comments/saves you get within the first 10mins of posting, taken as a % of your following = how well your post is doing. Instagram then raises or lowers your posts visibility dependant on this. So the goal now is to encourage all of your followers to get involved in engaging with your content as soon as it’s live.

Let me help you think this through from another angle… If you have 10 followers but 5 of them are CEO’s of the 5 biggest companies in the world you might just bag the biggest content creating gig you’ve ever had (if they like your content). And you only had 10 followers when getting that deal. 2018 = Quality over quantity for sure – especially if you want these people to invest their money via your affiliate links, robots got no dolla to spend!

5. Caption. Caption. Caption.  

50% Image 50% caption. Your image stops someone from scrolling, the caption will bag the like and/or a comment. Building on what I have already talked about – you want those comments asap! More comments within the first 10mins = more exposure.

So use your caption. Write something meaningful that people can relate to – then at the end ask them a question and open the dialogue.

Don’t then leave the platform once you’ve done the hard work. Stay online during that first 10-20mins and reply to your comments, keep the dialogue open, keep the engagement levels increasing. If 2 people leave a comment and you reply to both you have 4 comments. 4 is better than 2!

6. Repeat 1-5 Consistently. 

Repeat tips 1-5 consistently. Consistently post content that is relevant and meaningful within your Niche and you WILL grow. But I think most importantly be yourself! Don’t start by copying someone – because that’s not sustainable. They have their following for them. Develop you, consistently publish original content and maintain that dialogue. No one else can do you as well as you can!


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