Disney Took Me To Florida!
July 23, 2019

To infinity and beyond!

A few weeks ago I was SUPER lucky to experience a trip that will stay with me for a long time. The amazing people at Disney flew me half way around the world to experience Disney World for the first time! The trip was all around the release of Toy Story 4.

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From being one of the first people in the world to see the film, to being stood oposite my childhood hero’s: Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, to watching one of the most inspiring and spectacular firework/ projection mapping displays in The Magic Kingdom – it’s safe to say life has peaked at 26.

Toy Story is one of my earliest memories as a child. To re-kindle that childhood, care-free, smile-tastic feeling while watching Toy Story 4 was in a cliche kinda way… Once in a lifetime. Annimation has advanced a million miles since the first movie, leaving no doubt that you are fully emurssed within one of the greatest toy worlds that has ever existed in our imaginations.

All of our favourite characters are on our screens in Toy Story 4, as we mainly follow the story with Woody and the cutest new addition to the toy collection: Forky. HOW CUTE IS FORKY?! Just when the tears are about to start streaming Forky saves the day with comdeic relief – my new favourite character.

After watching the film we listened to Pixar’s Eric Lewis take us through what goes into producing the toys we see in our Disney stores around the world. I’m not too sure how much of it was confidential so lets just say: It’s an 18 month process per toy and there are more stages in the design process/ stocking process than you would even think existed.

Following the conference it was park time! Considering I was only there for 48 hours I managed to squeeze in all my favourite rides as well as a visit to Hollywood Studios. Rounding off the day watching the Starwars themed fireworks and experiencing Toy Story land after hours – i’ll never be able to have a queue-free slinky dog experience ever again I am sure!

Re-live the trip by viewing by #ToyStory4 Instagram Story Highlight @byollieb / See my Toy Story 4 Image here.


Thank you to Walt Disney for supporting my creativity and for making 5 year old Ollie’s dream come true x


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